Photographing the Chattanooga Football Club

The CFC is a community-oriented club that has built up a rabid following here in Chattanooga. Here’s some photos of “The Chattahooligans,” the fan group that supports the team with many hours of volunteer work, social media presence, and dedicated attendance.

Street Photography and Weddings

I’ve been inspired by a video by Kevin Mullins, found here:

Street photography has always been special to me. I haven’t been able to devote much time to it, but it has always been rewarding when I try it. There’s something about the intentional brashness of street photographers, and the balance they draw between respect of the subject and pursuit of the art that I really respect.

An Afternoon at Candlelight Ridge

Some details and portraits from a beautiful shoot at the brand-new Candlelight Ridge Venue.


Wedding at the Granfalloon

Hannah and Dalten were so great to photograph. Instant connection, and so effortlessly attractive.
The Granfalloon was a little tricky to light well, but I’m very happy with how it turned out.


The Afterparty

I’ve been documenting receptions for a while now. The energy of the party after the wedding is my favorite time; I love seeing people feel free to express themselves and be open, dance, let loose, and celebrate together.

Here’s a few selections from my favorite receptions.